Let Biproxi Work For You

How It Works

Upload Due Diligence Period

During this period you can upload any due diligence you would like potential buyers to view about the property. All buyers must agree to a confidentiality agreement before viewing what you post.

Set The Call For Offers Date

This is the date when all buyers are encouraged to submit their offers to purchase the property.

Our Marketing Formula

Review Your Property

We'll take the time to understand your asset class, target buyer personas and work to include any additional property highlights.

Cross Reference Data

Using our internal customer database we're able to identify potential buyers most likely to transact on your property.

Launch Your Marketing Campaign

Utilizing a multi-channel approach, Biproxi is able to generate meaningful traffic, generate leads and then pass them to you, the agent.

Campaign Optimization

Optimizing campaigns in real time, we’ll assess the performance of campaigns and make adjustments in real time to further the visibility of your property.