Private Events™

What are Private Events?

The first and only self-service auction product on the market.
Run your own auction process through a live best and final round.

Increase proceeds by 30% - Read the case study here.
Use auction in new ways

Invite your top bidders to a private live best and final round with a set time limit to maximize proceeds.
Help your sellers uncover and research the best price for their asset.

Unprecedented flexibility

Decide on your own contingencies, select your participants and terms.
Brokers select their own bid increments and have the power to adjust at any point in the process.

Maximize your proceeds

Real-time bidding allows you to get the most money for your sellers.

No shill bidding or hidden reserves

Your bidders are never competing with the house. No shill bidding.
No hidden reserves.

95% less expensive auctions

We don’t take a cut of the transaction, lowering the auction fee load by more than 95% on average compared to other auction platforms.

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