Digital OMs

Why use Digital Offering Memorandums?

Digital OMs are the fast and flexible alternative to traditional PDFs.
Measure marketing performance

Get analytics on who has viewed your OM, where they came from and how long they spent viewing it. Receive leads right on your OM.

Secure access

You can determine who sees your OM and what information. You can also add pertinent diligence documents right on the OM.

Real-time edits and version control

Made a mistake? See a typo? Make real-time adjustments and avoid having to send out multiple revisions. Changes update globally.

Save time

No graphic designer required. Digital OMs are plug and play. Upload your listing information, diligence documents, photos and more.

Flexible distribution

Send out your digital OM with one link - easily share with your network via social media, email, text message.

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