One intelligent platform - run your deal from listing to closing utilizing the latest, cutting-edge technology - for a small fee paid by the buyer at closing. We only get paid if you get paid! Use Biproxi’s Marketing Services to run a sophisticated marketing process and expand your reach to targeted potential prospects as well as international, exchange, and out-of-state buyers

Upload due diligence period

During this period you can upload any due diligence you would like potential buyers to view about the property. All buyers must agree to a confidentiality agreement before viewing what you post.

Promote your property

The marketing period is when biproxi is working behind the scenes to drive more potential buyers to your listing. You are also contacting interested buyers during this period to answer questions and set up property tours.

Schedule property tours

During this period buyers will have scheduled times to tour the property with you and do a deeper dive into the due diligence to get prepared for the upcoming call for offers date.

Call for offers date

This is the date when all buyers are encouraged to submit their offers to purchase the property.

Manage offers

After the Call for Offers date, brokers are able to counter or accept offers online, set up a leaderboard process, or invite the top buyers to submit their best and final offers.