How it works

Our marketplace

Biproxi is leading the movement toward trust and transparency in modern commercial real estate. By bringing real-world relationships together with data and technology, we’ve built the first online community exclusively for serious buyers and sellers.

Verified Community

Biproxi verifies users upfront, ensuring that every user on our platform is vetted and engaged.

Curation, not aggregation

Our listings are first-party uploads by verified brokers ensuring they are accurate, actionable and up-to-date.

More diligence provided upfront

More complete listing and diligence data earlier in the process. The more information you have, the faster intelligent decisions are made.

Integrated research tools

Make data-driven decisions with unlimited off-market data, visibility into asset performance, sales comps, demographic information, market benchmarks and more.

Real world relationships, brought online

Build long term partnerships with your own trusted online community by connecting with like-minded real estate professionals.

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