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It’s time to replace your PDF Offering Memorandums with Digital OMs. Here’s Why.

November 15, 2022

Here’s why it’s time to replace your PDF offering memorandums with Digital OMs.

Commercial real estate offering memorandums (OMs) are a core component of any CRE sales process. Whether you’re raising money or brokering a deal, an effective OM has the power to attract the attention your asset needs. While PDFs have become the gold standard in CRE OM’s, their limitations are becoming more obvious as savvy brokers & investors gravitate towards harder data & control when it comes to their deals.


A good OM tells a story and paints a vivid picture of the opportunity. It delivers everything from the executive summary & marketing materials to the proforma, disclosures, risk & legal. Traditionally, OMs are created by the broker (smaller deals) or a developer, sponsor or a securities or real estate attorney (larger or more complex deals). It’s then sent to a graphic designer to layout and finalize. It is generally published as a PDF and circulated with prospective investors.


Digital CRE OMs offer a faster, more flexible, and more engaging alternative to traditional PDFs.


Measure Marketing Performance

Unless you’re using a document sharing tool like DocSend, traditional OMs aren’t measurable. Even cloud sharing solutions like Dropbox or Google Drive only give you high level stats. A digital OM allows you to pull real-time analytics on who has viewed your OM, where they came from and how long they spent viewing it. You’re also able to field and respond to leads right from the OM.

Measuring performance and tracking data are essential to increasing your success over time.

Secure Access

In today’s privacy conscious environment, PDFs can lack the security needed to protect private or confidential information. A PDF can be shared with anyone, at any time, once it leaves your desktop. With a digital OM, you maintain control of who can access the OM, as well as pertinent diligence docs and sensitive information like rent rolls and disclosures. You can also require and manage confidentiality agreements (CA’s) prior to investors getting access to your OM.

Controlling access to key documents helps keep sensitive information safe and up to date.

Real-time Edits & Version Control

There are few things more frustrating than hitting send on a beautiful, new OM and catching a typo (best case) or glaring errors (worst case). With a digital OM, you can make real-time adjustments that update globally and avoid having to send out multiple revisions. You’ll never have to worry about who has the right version again and catch that typo before your investors do.

Never worry about sending an outdated version of an OM again. Digital OMs provide a quick and easy way to make updates.

Save Time

There is a time and a place for a beautiful, printable OM (this is a great resource if you’re looking to build a printable OM fast), but sometimes getting a detailed, professional, and organized OM out quickly is crucial. Since you (or your admin) can easily plug & play, there’s no need to involve a graphic designer or waste time fumbling through Indesign or Photoshop.

All you need is your listing information, diligence documents, photos and highlights, you can create an OM in less than 5 minutes.
Time is money - power your process with effective CRE tools, designed with efficiency in mind.
Ready to take your CRE sales process to the next level? Digital OMs provide speed, security, and control. Today's savvy brokers are utilizing innovative tools to impress investors, save time, and close more deals, faster.

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Daniel Trainor
Skilled in sales and marketing, brand development, digital content management, integrated marketing communications, Daniels brings a fresh perspective on CRE brokers and investors by leveraging technology in order to drive business success.

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