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24 Mobile Commercial Real Estate Apps to Accelerate Every Aspect of Your Business

September 30, 2021

Working in commercial real estate means always being on the go; visiting properties and meeting with contacts take CRE pros away from their desks for hours at a time. Real estate deals move fast, and being able to get signatures, deliver paperwork, and coordinate meetings without driving back and forth to the office can make the difference between closing a deal and losing a sale.

That’s why being able to manage your business from your phone is crucial. The right commercial real estate apps can help you stay in touch with your network and handle contracts from anywhere. We’ve collected 24 apps that will help you manage every aspect of your CRE business on the go. You’ll be familiar with the desktop versions of many of these apps, but we encourage you to consider how your workflow will change once you have them in your pocket.

Apps for finding, listing, and managing CRE properties

These apps are built for real estate professionals. They’re a useful addition to any desktop solutions you already have in place.  


LoopNet is an online marketplace for commercial real estate and is currently owned by CoStar Group. You can use it to list properties for sale and search thousands of properties. The app is geared more toward investors than CRE brokers, but it’s still a convenient way to keep an eye on the market.

Loopnet app screenshots
Image source: Apple


The LoopNet app is free.

Download LoopNet:


Matterport is a 3D spatial data platform that can help you create digital renderings of your properties. With the Matterport Capture app, you can use your phone to capture depth data and imagery. It’s a fast and convenient way to make 3D renderings of your listings.

One caveat is that Matterport has some technical requirements, so it may not work on older phones.

Matterport app screenshots
Source: Apple


Matterport’s free version lets you view your 3D model in your Matterport account, download photos and videos, and take measurements.

Matterport Starter costs $9.99/month and allows up to five active models. You can share and embed the 3D model anywhere.

Matterport Professional costs $69/month and includes extra features like small team collaboration and automatic face blurring.

Matterport Business costs $309/month and includes large team collaboration and account administration.

Download Matterport:


DealCheck makes it easy to quickly analyze investment properties, including commercial real estate properties. You can enter each property’s data points to instantly get access to cash flow, ROI, profit from sale, and more.

You can also start your analysis on one device and continue it on another seamlessly.

For more advice on commercial real estate appraisals, take a look at our checklist.

Dealcheck app screenshot
Image source: Apple


The DealCheck Starter subscription is free. It includes up to 15 saved properties.

DealCheck Plus costs $10/month and includes up to 50 saved properties.

DealCheck Pro costs $20/month and includes unlimited saved properties.

Download DealCheck:


VTS is a leasing and asset management platform for commercial owners and brokers. The app helps you manage your leases, track the market, and view industry data from anywhere.

The VTS app is designed for users of the VTS commercial real estate platform.

VTS screenshot
Image source: Apple


The VTS app is free to download. According to Capterra, VTS subscriptions start at $20,000/year.

Download VTS:


CREDiligent is a due diligence checklist for commercial real estate brokers and buyers. It offers several transaction forms, including ones for loan amortization, property info, and tenant questionnaires.

The app allows you to quickly make sure you’ve covered everything that matters before moving on to the next step in a commercial real estate deal.

Crediligent app screenshots
Image source: Apple


The CREDiligent app is free.

Download CREDiligent:

Plus, check out our blog for more resources on commercial real estate due diligence.

Document management apps

Sharing contracts, tracking signatures, and keeping track of reams of paper can quickly become a hassle. These apps will help you manage your documents digitally without having to stop by your office between property viewings.


DocuSign is an easy solution for gathering signatures for contracts remotely. You can use the app to sign documents and collect legally binding signatures from anywhere.

The app allows you to keep an eye on your contracts, remind parties they need to sign, and receive push notifications for signature updates. You can also draw a signature or choose from different fonts to create your own.

Docusign app screenshots
Image source: Apple


DocuSign has several plans designed for real estate professionals:

Real Estate Starter costs $10/month and includes sending five documents for signature each month, as well as strikethrough, reusable templates, and basic workflows.

DocuSign for Realtors costs $20/month, available exclusively for NAR members. It includes extras like reminders and notifications, in-person signatures, and signer attachments.

The Real Estate plan for non-NAR members costs $25/month.  

Download DocuSign:


Dropbox is a file hosting service that allows you to store files in the cloud, share them with collaborators, and access them from anywhere, securely. Having the Dropbox app on your phone allows you to automatically upload photos and videos from your camera roll to cloud storage and send large files easily by copying and pasting a link to the file.

Dropbox app screenshots
Image source: Apple


Dropbox Basic is free and includes 2GB of storage.

Dropbox Professional costs $19.99/month, with 3TB of storage, use on unlimited devices, and file transfers up to 100GB.

Dropbox Standard costs $12.50/month/user and is good for teams of three-plus users. It’s similar to the Professional plan with an admin console and granular sharing permissions.

Dropbox Advanced costs $25/month/user and includes all of the features of Dropbox Standard, plus advanced admin controls and audit log, tiered admin roles, and single sign-on (SSO) integration.

Download Dropbox:

Adobe Scan

Adobe Scan is a phone app that allows you to seamlessly scan documents and turn them into PDFs. It’s particularly useful if you already have an Adobe Cloud account, but even without one, you can scan and convert documents to PDF or JPEG formats.

Adobe Scan app screenshot
Image source: Apple


Adobe Scan is free. Adobe Scan Premium offers access to more features like editing documents and esignatures and costs $9.99/month.

Download Adobe Scan:


Dotloop is a document management solution designed for real estate brokers. You can use it to edit forms, esign, collaborate, and monitor compliance.

Dotloop is designed to help you with the entire real estate transaction, from start to finish, and having an all-in-one tool on your phone can help you save valuable time since you don’t have to toggle through different apps and search for files in several locations.  

Dotloop app screenshots
Image source: Apple


Dotloop is free for a limited number of deals each month.

Dotloop Premium costs $29/month and includes features like a document editor, esignatures, audit trail, secure backups, integrations, templates, and real-time notifications.

Dotloop also offers custom pricing for teams and brokers.

Download Dotloop:

Apps to manage money

You probably already use accounting software to manage invoices, sort commissions, and track expenses. These tools also come with a mobile version, so you can keep an eye on your company’s finances even when you’re away from your desk.


QuickBooks is an accounting software geared toward small and medium-sized businesses. It’s a valuable tool for cash flow management, tax prep, and income tracking.

The phone app makes it easy to tap into features like mileage tracking that’s directly connected to your phone’s GPS and photographing receipts.

Quickbooks app screenshots
Image source: Apple


QuickBooks offers a 30-day free trial.

QuickBooks Self-Employed costs $15/month and includes income and expense tracking, receipt organizing, and mileage tracking.

Simple Start costs $25/month. It allows you to track income and expenses, send invoices, maximize tax deductions, run general reports, and more.

Essentials costs $50/month and allows you to do all of the above for up to three users.

QuickBooks Plus costs $80/month. It includes all of the Essentials features for up to five users, plus inventory tracking and project profitability tracking.

Finally, QuickBooks Advanced costs $180/month and includes up to 25 users.

Download QuickBooks:


FreshBooks is also an accounting software built for business owners. In general, FreshBooks is considered the best option for freelancers and businesses that are just getting started and want an intuitive, easy-to-use accounting software at an affordable price point.

The FreshBooks app allows you to track mileage through your phone’s GPS, log expenses and receipts, track billable time, and receive online payments.  

Freshbooks app screeshots
Image source: Apple


FreshBooks Lite is $15/month and includes unlimited invoices for up to five clients.

FreshBooks Plus costs $25/month with unlimited invoices for up to 50 clients.

FreshBooks Premium costs $50/month with unlimited invoices for an unlimited amount of clients.

Download FreshBooks:


Expensify helps you track and manage your business expenses as you go. Using an app to quickly and efficiently record receipts as you go is much easier than having to deal with a huge stack of disorganized paper at the end of each month.

The Expensify app can also scan and automatically capture the information on a receipt and help you submit business expenses. It can sync with various accounting software, including QuickBooks and FreshBooks.

Expensify app screenshots
Image source: Apple


The app is free to download, but to use it, you will need an Expensify plan:

Collect starts at $5/user/month and allows you to collect receipts, manage and reconcile company cards, send invoices, and get free Expensify cards for your team.

Control starts at $9/user/month and includes everything in the Collect plan, plus multi-level approval workflows, expense policy controls, and custom reporting.

Download Expensify:

Mobile communication apps

The apps in this section are designed to facilitate communication with your team, your clients, and your investors, whether that means hopping on a call, scheduling a meeting, or dropping someone a quick message.


After nearly two years of remote work, Zoom needs no introduction, and you’ve probably used the desktop version lots of times.

The mobile app is very similar to the desktop version, with a few small differences: the mobile app doesn’t come with the same set of host controls, and you can’t use the app to create polls. But it does allow you to dial into meetings with a phone call.

Zoom app screenshots
Image source: Apple


The free version allows up to 100 meeting participants, unlimited one-on-one meetings, and unlimited group meetings up to 40 minutes.

Zoom Pro costs $14.99/month/license and includes group meetings up to 30 hours.

Zoom Business costs $19.99/month/license and includes meetings with up to 300 participants.

Zoom Enterprise also costs $19.99/month/license for meetings with up to 500 participants.

Download Zoom:


Slack is an easy-to-use tool for team collaboration. You can communicate with your entire team at once, create channels around specific topics, and direct message anyone you work with.

The app offers the same features as the desktop version, with a few additional shortcuts and commands. Slack put together a useful guide with tips for getting the most out of both their iPhone and Android app.

Slack app screenshots
Image source: Apple


Slack’s free version includes 10k searchable messages and up to 10 integrations.

Slack Pro billed yearly costs $6.67/person/month and includes an unlimited message archive.

Slack Business+ billed yearly costs $12.50/person/month. It offers all of the features of Slack Pro, plus extra security features like single sign-on (SSO).

Download Slack:


Calendly is a scheduling app that allows you to conveniently schedule meetings without the awkward back-and-forth emails. Fill out your calendar with your availability, then send your Calendly link to your contacts and let them choose a time slot that’s convenient for both of you.

You can also copy and paste your scheduling link into an email, text, or another app directly on your phone.

Calendly app screenshots
Image source: Apple


Calendly’s free version includes one calendar connection, personalized scheduling link, and unlimited scheduled meetings.

Calendly Premium costs $8/month and includes two extra calendar connections, group events, and team pages.

Calendly Business costs $12/month and includes six extra calendar connections and automated workflows.

Download Calendly:


Connecteam is primarily a management, scheduling, and time tracking app, but it also offers tools for internal communication. It’s a good option if you want a communication tool that will also allow you to manage employee scheduling and task management.

With the phone app, you can do things like assign agents to showings, coordinate meetings, and chat with your team from anywhere.

Connecteam app screenshots
Image source: Apple


Connecteam’s free version allows you to track work hours, manage schedules, communicate, and delegate tasks for up to 50 users.

Connecteam Basic is $39/month for up to 50 users and includes additional time tracking and media file-sharing options.

Connecteam Advanced is $79/month for up to 50 users, with additional templates, advanced settings, customization, and filtering.

Connecteam Expert costs $159/month for up to 50 users, with process automation, custom reports, and multi-location management.

Download Connecteam:

Customer relationship management (CRM) apps

Everyone needs good customer relationship software. These tools have mobile apps that will help you manage your customer relationships, from initial outreach all the way to closing, even when you’re away from the office.


ClientLook is a CRM designed for commercial real estate professionals. With it, you can manage your company’s listings, track property ownership, monitor deals in your pipeline, and build out your CRE database.

The mobile app is very intuitive and easy to use, which allows you to take your office on the road and work from anywhere.

Clientlook screenshot app
Image source: Apple


The ClientLook app is free to download, but you’ll need a ClientLook subscription to use it.

ClientLook is free for new brokers for the first four months and charges $99/month/user after that. It also has annual plans for $89/month and monthly plans for $129/month.

Download ClientLook:


kvCORE is a CRM for real estate businesses (though it’s not specifically geared toward CRE). It’s worth considering for its powerful lead engine, AI-powered CRM, and marketing automations.

The app is designed to be used along with kvCORE desktop software and has all of the same capabilities, plus an auto dialing feature for lead nurturing.

kvcore app screenshots
Image source: Apple


The kvCORE app is free, but you’ll need a subscription to use it. Subscription price data is available from Inside Real Estate upon request. According to The Close, prices start at $499/month for two users.

Download kvCORE:

Apps to help you stay organized

CRE brokers are always juggling many different tasks, so staying organized is vital. These apps will help you stay on top of everything and track your tasks efficiently from anywhere.


Evernote is a great tool to organize your notes and structure your tasks lists.

The app is user-friendly, and the interface is simple and straightforward. You can also connect it to your Google Calendar and create a customized Home dashboard to track your priorities.

Evernote app screenshots
Image source: Apple


Evernote has a free version.

The Personal Plan costs $8/month and lets you sync unlimited devices with up to 10GB monthly uploads.

The Professional Plan costs $9.99/month, and Evernote Teams costs $16/user/month.  

Download Evernote:


Trello is a task management and productivity tool that helps you track projects and manage your priorities. You can organize your tasks into lists and cards that make it easy to track each deal as it moves through the cycle.

The app makes it easy to see the status of each of your projects at a glance. Notifications will help you keep up-to-date when each card is updated, so you don’t have to keep checking in for status reports.

Trello app screenshots
Image source: Apple


Trello’s free plan includes unlimited cards and members.

Standard costs $5/month, with unlimited boards and advanced checklists.

Premium costs $10/month, with additional view options, priority support, and extra admin features.

Download Trello:


Asasna is a shared workspace and project management tool that helps teams organize and track their workflow. You can use Asana to organize and assign tasks, create timelines, and set deadline reminders.

Image source: Apple


Asana Basic is free.

Asana Premium costs $10.99/user/ month and includes features like timelines and unlimited dashboards.

Asana Business costs $24.99/user/ month, with additional customization and advanced integrations.

Download Asana:


Todoist is another task management app that works well for teams. You can create and assign tasks, set up due dates and recurring deadlines, turn emails into tasks, and add priority levels.

Todoist app screenshots
Image source: Apple


Todoist’s free plan includes five active projects with up to five collaborators.

Todoist Pro costs $3/month with up to 300 active projects and 25 collaborators per project.

Todoist Teams costs $5/user/month and includes up to 500 active projects, with 50 people per project.

Download Todoist:

Apps for networking

Commercial real estate relies heavily on personal relationships, so having an easy way to streamline and organize your contacts is very important. These apps will help you manage your contacts and network with other CRE professionals.


Covve is a relationship management tool that helps you stay in touch with your network by sending you reminders to reach out to contacts, scanning business cards, and keeping notes on business contacts, so you’re never struggling to find information during an impromptu meeting or call.

Covve app screenshots
Image source: Apple


Covve has a free version. The Pro subscription costs $9.99/month and includes additional features like unlimited business card scans and multiple digital cards.

Download Covve:


LinkedIn is a professional social media platform that will help you see what your network is up to, grow your contacts, and stay in touch with business contacts in a single place. You probably already have an account, but the advantage of the mobile app is that when you meet a new contact, you can pull out your phone and add them to your network before it slips your mind.

LinkedIn app screenshots
Image source: Apple


LinkedIn is free.

Download LinkedIn:

Find the commercial real estate apps that streamline your business

As you test out different apps, don’t try to check every box: some apps may have a huge list of features but feel complicated to use. Others may offer the best price point but not be quite right for your goals. Don’t be afraid to try out a few different free trials before settling on the right fit. If you’re more comfortable working from your desk, you can also check out our CRE Tools list.

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